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About club:
Our club is dedicated to the animals fairy from Winx Club! This fairy Roxy. Fairy of the animals. We are with you try to collect as many fans as well as beautiful works in this club. And we hope that our club has become very popular! Join please!


Our rules:
First of all, arts that you will submit should be with canon Roxy from "Winx club" as well as, Arty and her friends!

Pornography and rude are not allowed!

The works of erotic content, only with the permission of the Founder or Co-Founder of the club.

:+fav: and comments of group's arts only are supported
And main - Will be active, have fun!

How to join?
All people can join. Press the button "Join our group"
If you want to be an contributor - send me a note please (*KaoriMirai). Contributors have the same rights with members, but our group will be show in your group's list and you'll also can submit your arts in group when you just upload it in your gallery

How to submit art?
Unlimited submissions now!
For upload press the button "Submit Art" in front page of group OR press on "+" near folder on group's gallery OR submit it from art's page ("+ Submit to a Group")
Please, submit in right folders! (if you don't know in which folder upload an art - upload it in folder "Featured")

Icon was used for art: *fantazyme
Thank for the help of rules: ~Weneysy

Gallery Folders

Mario and friends meet the Winx by user15432
Roxy in Equestria Girls style by user15432
Sunset Shimmer as Roxy by user15432
Roxy Believix Wings by AstralBlu
Roxy Official Outfit
Roxy by Darechi
PC: Roxy is cold by MagicalLady
Roxy And Wheelie by coreboy1996
Roxy Fan Outfit
Roxy Colegial by LuisFrelis
Roxy and the Moon by Lonome
Roxy marine style by govril
Roxy 5 season spread the love by Forgotten-By-Gods
Roxy Firsr Transformation+Charmix+Fan
Roxy by LittleladyToph
Roxy Magic Winx by AlmaClara
Roxy by TarjaVanTorrey
My Lucky Animal Charm by Galistar07water
Roxy Enchantix+Fan
The Enchanter of Animals by Galistar07water
Roxy enchantix. by fantazyme
+Roxy Enchantix+ by SunRiseEA
Roxy enchantix by BrokenAmylee
Roxy Believix
Winx Club Roxy by Megatron4444
Roxy by pokemon-invasion
Roxy - Believix by EnchantingRainbow
Roxy Believix by ReallyNika
Roxy Sophiex+Fan
Roxy Sofix by mylostdreams
Wild Instinct by Galistar07water
Roxy Sophiex attack by XeniyaMZ
Roxy Sophiex by XeniyaMZ
Roxy Lovix+Fan
Roxy-lovix by LadyUraniya
roxy lovix fan art by Grisoutigrou
Glacier Wing by Galistar07water
Roxy Lovix by LaminaNati
Roxy Harmonix+Fan
Roxy Harmonix by Charming--Primrose
Under the Ocean of Earth by Galistar07water
Roxy harmonix by magicRomeo
Roxy Harmonix Drawing by Antalgique
Roxy Sirenix+Fan
Winx: Roxy's Sirenix by AlisyaMagix
Roxy's Sirenix by GreatSecretxD
Roxy Sirenix by MishAir
roxy winx sirenix by Forgotten-By-Gods
Roxy Bloomix+Fan
Roxy Mermaid+Fan
Roxy the Mermaid by alamisterra
Roxy Fan Thansformations
Roxy Crylix Concept by Winx-Rainbow-Love
Roxy Chibi
Winx Roxy make a dough by xXSunny-BlueXx
Roxy Crossover Designs
Roxy Princesse Cendrillon by Grisoutigrou
Roxy and Andy
roxy andy by Ronym
Roxy and Black circle
Boys by SunRiseEA
Roxy and other Guys
Ky and Roxy by Cyberwinx
Roxy and Arty
FanArt Roxy by BubbleTeaCaT-Fleecy
Roxy and Winx club
Winx Dreamix Wallpaper by Winx-Rainbow-Love
Roxy and OC's,and other characters
Fairies of animals))) by KatrinaDuar
Roxy in anime,human and other style
2 by Trasy-Trim
Roxy ONLY for adults
Hi Andy! by chissia
Roxy Traditional Art
Roxy and Karel by Wladlena
Roxy 3D style+Fan
Roxy Sirenix CGI 3D by MishAir
Family of Roxy
Morgana by Aminami-chan
Roxy Animation
Roxy Enchantix Wings by de-loz
Roxy Stamp by Iloveyoukisshu
roxy lovix by Grisoutigrou
Roxy Harmonix wings by CharmedWings
Sketch's, Line art
Winx Club Roxy by Megatron4444
Roxy :3 by Marklar3
Roxy on ice by NovaHail
Tutorials,WIP and other
Roxy s fairy dust by de-loz
Online game's
Winx Club Pet Lover Roxy by heglys
Winx  magazine 103 by wandolina










Well! The club returned to life! And now I hope the club will have many wonderful works, and new and interesting people! Join! We are glad to see you!
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Kimkimi2007 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Artist
How can I join groups in mobile?
MiaEnchantedFairy Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Student Artisan Crafter
'Farfalla Magica' by MiaEnchantedFairy  
iicookehmonstar Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad im not the only one that loves Roxy!!!!
Kimkimi2007 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Artist
Me too! Oh, I'm Kim by the way.
ajolley785727 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Roxy knows about animals. She is gonna be a Naturalist, Zoologist, Television personality, Wildlife adventurer, and Wildlife explorer to travel across the globe to spot the amazing animals in the wild.
Kartoffelkamm Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
In my fanfiction, she has a few spells that manifest themselves as individually thinking animals. They are named after Sabaton songs :)
ajolley785727 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Roxy has some knowledge about animals.
leahdreamer Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
Roxy is my favourties too. Roxy and daphane could be friends.
Kartoffelkamm Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Well, to me it seems more likely that Roxy and Mirta become friends, seeing as how Mirta used to be a witch and Roxy grew up not knowing about magic, so I guess when Roxy first got to Alfea she was a bit confused with all that magic (and the janitor being an ogre). Eventually Mirta went to talk to her and told her that she used to be a witch, which is why she had a hard time at Alfea at first as well.

Well, at least that´s how they became friends prior to my fanfiction The Seeker And The Fairy. Btw, I write a Huntik/Winx Club crossover fanfiction, which has Roxy in a very important role. I could´ve put Mirta in as well, but I already got another fairy, Cathy, and 3 fairies would be a bit too much in my opinion. I mean, I needed some space for Cathy´s friend Scarlett.
de-loz Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
Thanks for letting me be part of the club
See you
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